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Unblock Youtube

Unblock YouTube

Hiload is specifically designed to unblock 99% of all YouTube videos. We go even further and give the user the ability to select the video quality and download the video file.

HTML5 Proxy RSupport

HTML5 Proxy Video Support

Hiload will work with any browser on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. If your browser does not support HTML5, you will still be able to use Hiload with our Flash Player.

Chrome Web Proxy Plugin

Google Chrome App

Our Chrome App is the easiest way to integrate Hiload into your browser. This will ensure you are only one click away to unblocking the web.

Unnblock any Website

Access Any Website

Access any website anonymously with our free web proxy. The most important thing to hiload is security. Thats why we made sure that every page url is encrypted and can only been visited as long as long as your browser session is valid. And by using hiload web proxy we make sure that your IP address is always hidden and will never be exposed at any time.

Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing

Your ability to browse anonymously while using the Hiload web proxy is our top priority.

When you visit sites through Hiload, the URL becomes encrypted and will not be displayed in the browser history or any logs made by your network administrator.

By using our web proxy, your IP address is always hidden and will not be exposed at any time. We have taken numerous steps to ensure a secure browsing session for our users. The Hiload IP address is the only IP address that will be visible.

About Hiload

Hiload web proxy is the best solution for unblocking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo in countries where the government, school or your workplace has censored your internet browsing.

Hiload believes in freedom of speech. We are proud to unblock any website and give you access to the content you want to see without any additional software needed.

We have been building and improving this web proxy for more than five years and have developed a unique web proxy that fits your needs. You can enjoy anonymously browsing HD videos on YouTube, funny clips on Ebaumsworld and even adult content when and where you want to watch it.

If you have any suggestions for Hiload, please contact us on Facebook or via email. We are always happy to assist you.